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NEOL may refer to:

  • 5''-phosphoribostamycin phosphatase, an enzyme
  • 2'-N-acetylparomamine deacetylase, an enzyme
  • 2'''-acetyl-6'''-hydroxyneomycin C deacetylase, an enzyme

Usage examples of "neol".

And right now was a bad time to lose a secretary, with all those Neol cases to get out.

Monday, the Board was going to vote on whether the company would build a six-million-dollar Neol plant.

John Fast, Neol pilot plant manager, wanted the Patent Department to write a very special contract.

Maybe in two or three weeks, after Fast was through helping Sullivan get those new Neol cases on file in the Patent Office, he might casually mention this situation to the psychiatrist.

With no basic patent to be infringed, it follows that anybody could build a Neol plant.

If she left right now, the Neol patent cases would be in quite a hole.

It was one hundred fifty-four pounds, one pound mole of Neol, exactly.