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Wael Alaa (born October 15, 1987 in Cairo, Egypt) is an Egyptian electronic musician and record producer known by his stage name NEOBYRD whose reputation started with his first album release "Transbyrd" in 2011.

In 2007, he won 3rd place and Special prize in a competition organized by the legendary DAW ‘ Ableton Live’.

His music video for ‘My Sweet Heartless’ was chosen as one of the top music videos of 2012 by Egyptian publication Ahram Online. His latest album release in early 2013, The King is Dead, achieved record sales in Virgin Megastores in Egypt, and acclaimed reviews by music critics.

He first emerged from the underground electronic scene in Cairo, and garnered mainstream recognition after two tracks from his first album, "With You Again" and "My Sweet Heartless," were played on the Egypt's biggest radio station, Nile FM.