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The place used to be called in the vulgar tongue Mount Nemel and lieth not far from Zwolle, but one may traverse the distance in the space of an hour.

Therefore they besought the heritors of Bercem and Nemel, joint owners of the farm, to grant them a portion of the land, and the site where now the Monastery is builded, and the owners thereof did freely grant their request and gave them the land for the Brothers to dwell in.

By these humble, simple-hearted, and devout little servants of Christ--these who did verily despise the world--was our House on mount Nemel begun, which House after that it became a Monastery was called Mount St.

Agnes, in Nemel, near Zwolle, for it was his desire to increase the glory of God, and to promote the cause of Holy Religion.

At this time the men of Zwolle would not suffer a monastery to be builded upon the Mount at Nemel, though this was done in after days by the favour of God, but Egbert Mulart had given them this land at Westerhof.

Jude, died Arnold of Nemel, an aged farmer, who was a neighbour and a good friend to our House.