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Nemea (; ) is an ancient site in the northeastern part of the Peloponnese, in Greece. Formerly part of the territory of Cleonae in Argolis, it is today situated in the regional unit of Corinthia. The small village of Archaia Nemea (formerly known as "Koutsoumadi" and then "Iraklion") is immediately southwest of the archaeological site, while the new town of Nemea lies to the west.

Here in Greek mythology Heracles overcame the Nemean Lion of the Lady Hera, and here during Antiquity the Nemean Games were played, in three sequence, ending about 235 BCE, celebrated in the eleven Nemean odes of Pindar.

Nemea (disambiguation)

Nemea may refer to:

  • Nemea, an ancient sanctuary and archaeological site in Greece, known for the Nemean lion
  • Nemea (town), a town and municipality in Greece
  • Néméa (also known as Fiametta), a ballet in four acts by Arthur Saint-Léon to the music of Ludwig Minkus (1863/1864)
  • Archaia Nemea, a village near Nemea in Greece
  • Nemea (moth), a genus of moths of the Thyrididae family
  • Nemea Bank plc, a pan-European bank domiciled in Malta
Nemea (town)

Nemea is a town in Corinthia, Greece, and the seat of municipality with the same name . It is located a few kilometres west of ancient Nemea, with a population of under four thousand people.

Nemea (moth)

Nemea is a genus of moths of the Thyrididae family from Africa.