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NEMA (machine)
Not to be confused with NMEA Maritime Telecommunications Standards body.

In the history of cryptography, the NEMA (NEue MAschine) ("new machine"), also designated the T-D (Tasten-Druecker-Maschine) ("key-stroke machine"), was a 10-wheel rotor machine designed by the Swiss Army during World War II as a replacement for their Enigma machines.


Néma is a town in southeastern Mauritania, close to the border with Mali. It is located at around at the eastern end of the Aoukar. It is the capital of Hodh Ech Chargui Region and of the Néma Department.

While the urban population of Nema is approximately 50–60,000, the surrounding rural sites served by the city make it closer to 200,000. Mauritanians value brousse, or country living, as a throwback to their nomadic roots. " The Road of Hope," which stretches from the capital, Nouakchott, ends in Nema near the market quartier. There are ten quartiers, sections, of the city, the oldest being Edelibu Quartier, northeast of the road. Shovia Quartier, dating from the 1950s, is the only section south of the road.

Nema (occultist)

Nema is an occultist and writer best known for her magical writings about the Ma'atian current. She has been practising and writing about magick (magical working, as defined by Aleister Crowley) for over twenty-five years. From her experience with Thelemic magick (a system designed by Crowley), she developed her own system of magic called Maat Magick which has the aim of transforming the human race. Her writings have appeared in many publications, including the Cincinnati Journal of Ceremonial Magick, Aeon, Starfire, and others.

In 1974, she allegedly channelled a short book called Liber Pennae Praenumbra. Her ideas have been featured in the writings of Kenneth Grant. In 1979, she co-founded the Horus-Maat Lodge. According to Donald Michael Kraig:


Nema may refer to:

  • Nema, another name for Nama (island), Federated States of Micronesia
  • Néma, a town in Mauritania
  • Nema (occultist), an occult and Neo-Pagan author and priestess
  • Nema (urban-type settlement), an urban-type settlement in Kirov Oblast, Russia
  • Nema was also a German atmospheric black metal band
  • Nema community, Nema is a surname in India which refers to Vaish (society)->Nema (community)

NEMA can refer to:

  • National Electrical Manufacturers Association, a U.S. industry group representing those who design and manufacture electrical equipment
    • NEMA connector, any of several standardized connectors commonly used, mostly in the Americas, for AC line plugs and outlets
    • NEMA enclosure types, a set of standard enclosures for enclosing electrical service apparatus
    • Ingress Protection Rating ( IP Code)
  • National Emergency Management Agency, Former Korean Central Fire governmental agency
  • National Emergency Management Association, a professional association of and for emergency management directors in the United States.
  • Nottingham East Midlands Airport, the name used 2004–2006 by East Midlands Airport, a UK airport'
  • National Environmental Management Authority of Kenya
  • NEMA (machine), a Swiss cryptograhic rotor machine
  • NEMA, a 754-unit apartment complex in San Francisco
  • New England Museum Association
  • National Environmental Management Authority, Kenya
  • National emergency management agency in Nigeria
  • Nema, a character in Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
  • Networked Environment for Music Analysis
NEMA (San Francisco)

NEMA, also known as Tenth and Market, is a 754-unit luxury residential apartment complex in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco, California, United States. across the street from Twitter's corporate headquarters. The complex consists of a 19-story, tower at Jessie and Tenth Streets and a 35-story, tower at Market and Tenth Streets, connected by a nine story podium along Tenth Street.

Usage examples of "nema".

Before he woke Nema, he beamed a blink stat to Madison, at Dunking on Pandaros, and asked if there d be enough value to a few hundred thousand tons of asteroid iron to warrant bringing it home.

Tobassa and Hess continued to inoculate the other cadets, Lane turned to Govenoral Nema.