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Usage examples of "nelt".

He's giving Barrand and Nelt a few more hours to come up with a good enough reason against his plan—but that's the way it's to be.

The forcing lie detector probes Barrand and Nelt wanted would involve traceable drugs or telltale physical damage if the subjects turned out to be as intractable as he suspected these subjects might be.

If anything began to look at all suspicious, Barrand and Nelt would hear about it at once, and act at once.

While Keth, doing his part again, argued angrily and futilely with Barrand and Nelt, she'd been driving out a full-sweep search probe, sensitized to Osselin's mind patterns.

Sorem had fancied a hair-triggered gun, and Uspurul was holding the trigger down as she ran toward Barrand and Nelt, swinging the gun muzzle about in short arcs in front of her.

The story was that Sorem had gone berserk and killed Barrand and Nelt before being killed himself.