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Usage examples of "nelia".

Lady Nelia made no move to seek safety inside the deck house, as she had been commanded.

Lady Nelia shuddered violently and covered her face with her hands, as if to shut out a frightful vision.

Red showed unfamiliarity with the operation of the launch, Lady Nelia took charge of the controls.

Lady Nelia and Red failed to discover a bronze hand which appeared at the stern of the craft.

Lady Nelia had removed her life belt and was carrying it under an arm.

Perhaps they had followed the taxi driven by Renny and carrying Lady Nelia and Red.

GLANCE at the register cards showed Doc the numbers of the rooms taken by Lady Nelia and Red.

Renny had gone to Lady Nelia first Doc rode upward, alighting at the sixteenth.

Yuttal and Hadi-Mot had taken Lady Nelia away in a taxi, but no one had thought to get the taxi license number in the excitement.

Lady Nelia say anything other than that they had inserted the reward advertisement.

It seemed Lady Nelia, Red and Jules had escaped from the same fate, and were anxious to help those they had left behind.

If Yuttal drove there in the machine, he must have left Hadi-Mot and Lady Nelia somewhere else.

If beautiful, stately Lady Nelia Sealing had been slain, it would but serve to harden their determination, to speed a little the justice they intended to inflict.

Lady Nelia, and kayoed the cab starter, the driver also tried to interfere.

Was it possible Lady Nelia Sealing had been slain and flung from the taxi somewhere en route?