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Quickly she reeled her glance into the cabin again, the contrast of Nelding with her own golden Peace, bright beneath vivid skies and a waning sun, suddenly too painful.

Only the men who had summoned her, the First Fathers of Nelding, held that answer.

But Nelding rocked by too swiftly, too violently, for her to form a coherent first impression.

It was Nelding, damp backworld where the human germ plasm had evidently remained relatively unscathed until recently.

Was Nelding so backward that no one of their own citizens could organize care for the aberrant infants?

A succession of stony Nelding faces that yielded no recognition of common humanity?

You will almost certainly find some conditions there that will strike you as alien, just as the people of Nelding will find some of your attitudes and assumptions strange.

For that period she would necessarily function within the prevailing Nelding social circumstance.

The Nelding woman moved across the dim room and touched the light cube that stood on the rough dresser.

Curious, she took herself to a window in time to see the Nelding woman cross the courtyard and enter the adjacent wing of the quad.

It would become a matter for Peace Council whether they dispatched another cadet to Nelding and under what conditions.

The Nelding woman stared at the rough countertop, her narrative abruptly at an end.

With rainfall, Nelding achieved elemental harmony, skies as dark as tree shadow, waters feeding slippery mud and glossy vine with drenching generosity.

When foot follows foot, distance can be covered, even treacherous distance, in the sullen dark of a Nelding night.

Venturing into tentback, she would surely acquire valuable data about the Nelding situation.