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NEK or Nek may refer to:

  • North Elbian Evangelical Lutheran Church (Nordelbische Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche)
  • Krško Nuclear Power Plant (Nuklearna elektrarna Krško)
  • NEK EAD (Natsionalna Elektricheska Kompania)
  • Nek, Italian singer
  • Battle of the Nek, World War I battle
  • Neck (water spirit), mythological creature
  • Nek language, language in Papua New Guinea
  • Northeast Kingdom, the north-easternmost area in the U.S. state of Vermont.

Usage examples of "nek".

Some four miles out French came upon their position, two hills with a long low nek between, from which came a brisk rifle fire supported by artillery.

Disregarding the Boer fire completely the cavalry swept in wave after wave over the low nek, and so round the base of the hills.

Poort, a nek between two hills, was held against them on April 25th, but was gained without much trouble, the Canadians losing one killed and two wounded.

Commando Nek on the Little Crocodile River, where he summoned Baden-Powell to surrender, and received some chaff in reply from that light-hearted commander.

On August 18th the Boers were forced with some loss out of Hornies Nek, which is ten miles to the north of the capital.

Without hesitation the whole Boer force, now some 2500 strong, galloped at full speed in open order through the Nek, braving the long range fire of riflemen and guns.

Surrounded at Scheepers Nek by many hundreds of riflemen in a difficult country, there was no alternative but a surrender, and so sharp and sudden was the Boer advance that the whole action was over in a very short time.

This was the action at Moedwill, near Magato Nek, in the Magaliesberg.

Ferus was amused at the idea of the sweet-faced young woman taking one of the more hideous species in the galaxy, the nek battle dog, as her code name.

Still kicking her feet casually against the wall, Nek spoke in a worried voice.

He found Dinko, Nek, and Firefolk talking to Trever and Flame at the cantina.

I did this in order to discover the strength of the English force, and to find out if it were possible to attack the enemy at once, and forcing our way through the Nek, get to the east of the forces that were pursuing me.

Englishmen still sneaking about the Nek, and also at Pretoria and Wakkerstroom.

I had a breakdown at the drift of the Selous river and had to wait a day in Rustenburg, and I had trouble again at Commando Nek, so that it was the evening of the third day before I reached Pretoria.

Paul Kruger had been nine years old when his father and uncles had packed their wagons and gathered their herds and trekked northwards, away from British rule, driven on by the memory of their folk heroes hanged at Slachters Nek by the Redcoats.