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Usage examples of "nejd".

Arabs, represents, topographically speaking, a bulge in the Wady Nejd, before it becomes the Wady Abu Daumah, between the Shafah Mountains to the east and the Tihamah range seawards.

To these may be added the provinces of Hadramant and Mahrah, and of Oman and Hasa, to the south and east respectively, with Nejd, or Central Arabia, as the central plateau, and some large deserts scattered in different parts of the peninsula.

The reformer and originator of the movement was Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab, born at the town of Ainah, in the centre of the Nejd district, A.

By preaching and fighting, his followers increased in number, and his reforms spread throughout the Nejd district, and many converts were made by him and his successors.

In other words, the present position of Arabia may be more definitely described as follows: Hasa, Hareek, the whole of Nejd, Kaseem, the provinces adjoining Yaman on the north, and Aseer, forming a broad belt, and stretching across the centre of the peninsula from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf, remain under Wahhabi influences.

Between Nejd and Syria a new and promising kingdom has sprung up under Telal.

Transjordania, Hejaz, Nejd Hasa--passing about three hundred miles west of the city of Riyadh--and now they were boring into the fat and bleak and forbidding southern rump of Arabia.