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Nein (, Na'in, lit. Charming, , called in English Bibles Nain or Naim) is an Arab village in Israel that forms part of the Bustan al-Marj Regional Council in the Lower Galilee. Located south of Nazareth, Nein covers a land area of approximately 1,000 dunums. Its total land area consisted of 3,737 dunums prior to 1962. According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Nein had a population 1,744 in 2014. The city hall for the Bustan al-Marj Regional Council is located in Nein.

Nein (disambiguation)

Nein is a village in Israel. Nein may also refer to:

  • The Nein, American indie rock band
    • The Nein EP, their 2004 recording
  • Nein Records, American recording company
  • "nein", the German word for " no"
  • Nein, the Japanese band Sound Horizon's 8th major album.