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Neill is an Irish surname, and may refer to

  • A. S. Neill (1883-1973), British educator and author
  • Alec Neill (b.1950), New Zealand politician
  • Ben Neill (b.1957), American composer
  • Bob Neill (b.1952), British politician
  • Bud Neill (1911-1970), Scottish cartoonist
  • Casey Neill, American musician
  • James C. Neill (c.1788–1848), American soldier and politician
  • James George Smith Neill (1810-1857), British army general
  • Jay Wesley Neill (1965-2002), American murderer
  • John R. Neill (1877-1943), American book illustrator
  • John W. Neill (b.1934), British hockey player
  • Lucas Neill (b.1978), Australian soccer player
  • Noel Neill (1920-2016), American film and television actress
  • Patrick Neill (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Paul Neill (1882-1968), American electrical engineer
  • Roy William Neill (1887-1946), Irish-American film director
  • Sam Neill (b.1947), New Zealand actor
  • Terry Neill (disambiguation), multiple people
  • William Neill (disambiguation), multiple people