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surname and masc. proper name, from Gaelic/Old Irish Niall "champion." Picked up by the Vikings in Ireland (as Njall), brought by them to Iceland and Norway, thence to France, from which place it was introduced in England at the Conquest. Incorrectly Latinized as Nigellus on mistaken association with niger "black," hence Nigel.


Neil (Neal) is a masculine given name of Gaelic origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Irish Niall which is of disputed derivation. The Irish name may be derived from words meaning "cloud", "passionate", or "champion". As a surname, Neil is traced back to Niall of the Nine Hostages who was an Irish king and eponymous ancestor of the Uí Néill and MacNeil kindred. Most authorities cite the meaning of Neil in the context of a surname as meaning champion.

Neil (name)
For history and origin, see Neil, or for other uses, see Neil (disambiguation).

People with the name Neil or its variant spellings may include:

Neil (disambiguation)

Neil is a masculine given name of Gaelic origin.

Neil may also refer to:

Neil (software)

Neil Modular Tracker is a Free Software project to create a functional Jeskola Buzz clone for Linux, based on an earlier, currently unmaintained program called Aldrin. Maintained by Vytautas Jančauskas, it has ongoing activity as of 2011. The name is a wordplay on Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong.

The program is written in C++ and utilizes a Python-controlled interface. A Python module chooser is included. Since Dec 2011, it has employed a growing number of machines (all of which have been either written from scratch or adapted from buzz machines). The scons construction system is used to install and update Neil from sources. As of December 2011, there is no package set prepared for Linux distributions, the code is solely installable from source. As the author uses it, Debian GNU/Linux is the primary test platform.

The program consists of the following components:

  • Pattern Editor
  • The Router (similar to Machine View in Jeskola Buzz)
  • Sequencer
  • Wavetable
  • Info Box.

Also, a hd-recorder component, playback info, cpu-monitor and some minor tools are included. Website of the project links to examples of songs, a discussion group. A native .ccm format is used for songs. The authors do not aim to import Buzz songs.

Usage examples of "neil".

He was about to go after a Beater when the wizard who had dropped his bat before maneuvered his broom so that he could use the twigs to hit a Bludger at Neil, who was oblivious.

He looked over his shoulder and Neil was flying in his wake, the Bludger sailing harmlessly over his head.

Judy pointed out, the General and Baby and Bunty and Neil had not arrived at the dignity of French verbs yet, so such a punishment would be iniquitous.

There was no doubt in his mind from the moment the screen lit up that Chria and Neil were an item.

The screen flickered and filled with the image of Neil, with Chria Chance in the background.

The boy said something in Hornish, which Neil knew only a few words of.

Neil had arrived just after half past six and had a quiet word with the licensee, impressing on him the need for discretion.

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Your Majesty: Although Airgialla is now lost to you, you still have both Mide and Lagan, which you held before, and Breifne and the holdings of the Northern Ui Neills, which you did not, and that is more land than your royal sire or any other Ard-Righ has held in centuries.

Eireann against whom I any longer dare hurl you and your justly vaunted forces, I first toyed with the thought of just sending you and yours back to Cousin Arthur with sincere thanks for the loan of you all, then I thought me of the Great Eireann venture, and I still may ask that you go there with enough ships and men to make it mine, but first I must know if that grim, dangerous old man on Islay considers Great Eireann, too, to be under this damned, hellish, illegal, and immoral treaty he has signed and sealed with that onetime mercenary, sometime jackanapes, scurvy bastard who now styles himself Righ of Connachta, holds the Jewel of Connachta, withholding it from me, his Ard-Righ, despite my many and most courteous requests for it that it may be safely held here for Connachta and him as I now hold the Magical Jewels of Mide, Lagan, Breifne, the Northern Ui Neills, and Airgialla.

He bore the titles Ard-Righ, Righ, and Rihe was the ri or chief of the southern Ui Neills, righ of that land called Mide in some dialects, Meath in others, and he was the reigning ard-righ of the entire island of Eireann or, as strangers and foreigners called it, Ireland.

Connachta and him as I now hold the Magical Jewels of Mide, Lagan, Breiffne, the Northern Ui Neills, and Airgialla.

Its job-and that of company troubleshooter Neil Mannix - is to move a giant transformer across Nyala, an oil-rich African state.

Together with Brian Epstein and their roadies Mai and Neil, they retired to a back room for dinner.

Paul this was a nightmare, the last thing Paul wanted to do was live on some fucking island, whether it was in Ireland or Greece, wherever it was, with John, George and Ringo and their wives and their roadies, and Mai and Neil, all on an island.