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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Neigh \Neigh\ (n[=a]), v. i. [imp. & p. p. Neighed (n[=a]d); p. pr. & vb. n. Neighing.] [OE. neien, AS. hn[=ae]gan, prob. of imitative origin; cf. MHG. n[=e]gen, Icel. hneggja, gneggja, Sw. gn["a]gga. Cf. Nag a horse.]

  1. To utter the cry of the horse; to whinny.

  2. To scoff or sneer; to jeer. [Obs.]

    Neighed at his nakedness.
    --Beau. & Fl.


vb. (en-past of: neigh)

Usage examples of "neighed".

Napoleon stuck his head over the stall door and neighed at sight of Tony, who hung back.

Old Napoleon neighed plaintively as Henry kept him from following the Black out on the track.

The stallion came out of his stable and neighed excitedly to the day, as though he saw a mare.

Finally it raised its intelligent head and neighed, as though calling for help.

The stallion turned his head toward him, his ears pricked forward and he neighed softly.

The young stallion reared and neighed, then kid pivoted in erratic circles.

The young stallion lifted his head and neighed when the man first tried slip the halter over his head, but after Jondalar talked to him stroked his face and neck.

From a safe distance, he neighed to his dam, and they [imey's familiar answering nicker.

When ajioof slipped as Jondalar tried to lead Racer up a precipitous rise near the top, the horse neighed and tried to rear.

The horse again lowered its neck and neighed dolefully, and the Arab let his arm drop.