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n. (misspelling of niece English)

Usage examples of "neice".

Sure enough, Cap, who had announced his approach by a couple of lusty hems, now made his appearance on the bastion, where, after nodding to his neice and her companion, he made a deliberate survey of the expanse of water before him.

But Grandma Rose was too distraught to drive and she called my Aunt Frances, who in turn was so distraught she called my Aunt Josephine, who in turn was also so distraught she called her neice, my cousin Josephine Louise, whom they all knew drove like the wind at all times.

She might at least share them with her neice, to whom they probably belonged legally.

But we saved all of those, once Hethrir kidnapped my neice and nephews, and we traced them.

Then time was allowed him to bring her forth, but he could not hear of her within the time, and fearing he should dy if she could not be found, procures another Girle very like her, to appear in Court, and declare she was his Neice that had been missing: But her relations examine this counterfeit, until they find her out, and she confesseth she was suborned and counterfeited the true Neice.