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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

of a type of long, narrow jacket with a standing collar (popular in Western fashion late 1960s), 1967, a reference to Jawaharlal Nehru (1889-1964), first prime minister of independent India (1947-1964), who often wore such a jacket in public appearances.

Usage examples of "nehru".

He ran to the head of the march and spotted Nehru, whose height and elegant dress singled him out.

Gandhi and Nehru and a couple of other men were arguing among themselves.

When Gandhi and Nehru were lying in the cart, the man piled blankets and straw mats over them.

Again Nehru broke off in midsentence, this time because the oxcart driver was throwing off the coverings that concealed his two passengers.

New York at the time was interpreted here as an effort to tread on as many Indian toes as possible and thus make a get-together between Cripps and Nehru more difficult.

Today the reference to Nehru was cut out from the announcement -- Nehru being in prison and therefore having become bad.

Vidal Sassoon, executive types in tie-dyed Nehru shirts and Day-Glo tennies -- and the champagne was flowing.

He was a tall, slender figure in a plain, dark nehru suit without insignia or decorations.

The cops were in full dress uniform and even the civilian advisors looked like some kind of neo-inquisition troops in their matching nehru suits.

Grady was all that clothes-conscious, but it was pretty hard not to remember Nehru jackets.

Vengeful fingers grabbed at Noon as he ran, tearing the fabric of his dung-spattered Nehru jacket and unraveling his turban, so that his uncut black hair streamed behind him.

Caught by surprise, with her feet still awkwardly perched on top of the desk, she choked on her pizza as a trio of intruders barged into the office, led by a bearded young man wearing a snow-white turban and a red Nehru jacket.

Monk Malone, in a Nehru jacket and Levis, sat curled up on the bed, clutching an old Gibson guitar.

He was clean-shaven, with thick black hair tied neatly behind his head, and wore a spotless white Nehru jacket with matching cotton slacks.

An expertly wrapped white turban sat atop his brow, while his red Nehru jacket was embroidered with threads of genuine gold.