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NEHI (Network for Excellence in Health Innovation, formerly New England Healthcare Institute) is a member-based, non-partisan research and policy organization dedicated to finding innovative solutions to urgent health care problems. NEHI harnesses the collective commitment of their members, conducts evidence-based research and drives change by collaborating with private and public decision makers.

Nehi (Viceroy of Kush)

Nehi (or Nehy) was an Ancient Egyptian official with the titles of a viceroy of Kush. With the latter function he was the main governor of the Nubian provinces which were under Egyptian control. Nehy was in office under Thutmose III. Nehy appears in several sources. In the 23rd year of Thutmose III he followed the king on his campaign to Syria. There are several inscriptions of Nehy found in Nubia, attesting building activity at several places. Nehy was buried at Thebes although the exact location of his tomb is lost. However, in the Egyptian Museum of Berlin is preserved his monumental sarcophagus made of limestone. Sarcophagi for officials are rare in this period providing evidence for the high social status of Nehy in his time.

NEHI (disambiguation)

Nehi or NEHI may refer to:

  • Nehi, a flavored soft drink
  • NEHI, formerly known as the New England Healthcare Institute
  • Nehi (Viceroy of Kush) or Nehy, an Ancient Egyptian official with the titles of a viceroy of Kush
  • Neuroendocrine hyperplasia of infancy, a lung disease found in children
  • The Nanotechnology Environmental and Health Implications working group, a body within the National Nanotechnology Initiative