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Nehal is a very popular Indian, Egyptian, Turkish and Middle eastern name. It is a unisex name. It has variety of meanings in different languages, such as; rainy, loving, intelligent, genius, spring, or beautiful.

The name 'Nehal' is derived from Sanskrit, meaning "born during the period of intelligency". It is also a popular Persian and Middle Eastern name which metaphorically refers to the personal attributes of beauty and youth and which, in its literal form, means "little tree". In Arabic, Nehal is a collective word. It relates to water from springs, essentially meaning 'source of life'. As a name, it symbolises the fact or the will to drink from the source of knowledge. Therefore, the meaning of "Nehal" is "eager to get knowledge". Nehal also means beautiful (girls),handsome (boys) and intelligent. In the Indian language of Punjabi, the name Nehal means, "happy".

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