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Negri may refer to:

  • Negri (surname)
  • Negri bodies, in microbiology
  • Negri, Bacău, a commune and a village in Bacău County, Romania
Negri (surname)

Negri is an Italian surname that may refer to

  • Ada Negri, an Italian poet
  • Antenore Negri (1898–1970), Italian Olympic runner
  • Antonio Negri, a political philosopher
  • Cesare Negri, the late Renaissance dancing-master
  • Costache Negri, Romanian writer and politician
  • Diego Negri (born 1971), Italian Olympic sailor
  • Francesco Negri (disambiguation) (several people)
  • Count Ignacio de Negri y Mendizábal, 19th-century Spanish soldier
  • Joe Negri, an American jazz guitarist
  • Luca Negri (born 1973), Italian Olympic sprint canoer
  • Marcantonio Negri, an Italian composer of the early Baroque era
  • Marco Negri (born 1970), Italian association football player
  • Marco Negri (volleyball) (born 1955), Italian volleyball player
  • Mario De Negri (1901–1978), Italian Olympic sprint runner
  • Pola Negri, a Polish film actress

Usage examples of "negri".

On the immanent relation between politics and ontology, see Antonio Negri, The Savage Anomaly, trans.

Captain Negri talking in low tones with a woman who stood with her arms folded.

They all followed Negri through a nearby door to a long, sunny yellow room with lots of south-facing windows.

He cringed from the man and stared at Negri in utter horror and confusion.

The same sere expression had been fixed on his face since Negri had fallen out of the lightflyer.

He says Vordarian lost the war the hour Negri got away with Gregor, and the rest is just maneuvering to limit the losses.

Ezar apparently found this old cellar and arranged this passage with Negri, thirty years ago.

I wrote a new opening chapter, to reintroduce the characters and situation for new readers, cut and fit most of the old material into its new frame, and began the story again as Count Piotr argued with Cordelia and Captain Negri expired on the lawn at Vorkosigan Surleau.

On the relationship between modern metaphysics and political theory, see Antonio Negri, The Savage Anomaly, trans.

On the missing volume on the wage, see Antonio Negri, Marx Beyond Marx, trans.

On the question of the existence of a Marxist theory of the state, see the debate between Norberto Bobbio and Antonio Negri in Norberto Bobbio, Which Socialism?

See Antonio Negri, The Politics of Subversion: A Manifesto for the Twentyfirst Century, trans.

For an analysis of the contemporary dynamics of social and productive cooperation, see Antonio Negri, The Politics of Subversion: A Manifesto for the Twenty-first Century, trans.

Surely the Emperor and your Captain Negri could have managed it between them, if anyone could.

Even Captain Negri has been known to make a private judgment, they say.