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Negre (band)

Negre were a Montenegrin girl band, consisting of Jelena Kažanegra, Milena Vučić and Nina Žižić. They competed in the Serbo-Montenegrin Eurovision Song Contest preselection Evropesma 2004 in Belgrade, where they won the 3rd place. Later that year they won the 3rd place on Sunčane Skale Festival in Montenegro. Soon after that, Nina Žižić left the band. She was temporary replaced by Marija Brajović, but the band soon fell apart. All of the former members are now successful solo artists in Montenegro.


Negre or Nègre is the surname of:

  • Ademar lo Negre (fl. 1210-1219), troubadour from Languedoc
  • Charles Nègre (1820–1880), French pioneering photographer
  • Ed Negre (born 1929), American retired NASCAR driver
  • Léopold Nègre (1879-1961), French biologist
  • Louis Nègre (born 1947), French politician and member of the Senate of France
  • See :fr:Nègre and :fr:Nègre (homonymie) for the uses of "Nègre" as a French word

Usage examples of "negre".

There was enough of that going on between the VolksAlliance and the Candomble Negre and all the other ethnic-enclave asteroids to put anybody off the idea, anyway.