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Neffe is the surname of:

  • Karel Neffe (born 1948), Czech rower
  • Karel Neffe (born 1985), Czech rower

Neffe may refer to:

  • Neffes, commune in the Hautes-Alpes department in southeastern France
  • Frankie & Neffe, reality show

Usage examples of "neffe".

Keler Neffe had suddenly torn off his coif and ripped it to shreds in fury.

Ilisa Neffe, Tamosin Wolvar, and Tamos Wolvar had equally abrupt reactions.

She grabbed her son with one hand and Keler Neffe with the other, and ran for the Ladder.

Falundir was present in the Ladder chamber at Half-Fifth when Ilisa Neffe and her husband Tamosin Wolvar brought Captal Lusath Adennos and Scholar Tamos Wolvar through the Ostin greenhouse Ladder in Longriding.

Telomir Renne, Tamosin Wolvar, Ilisa Neffe, Imilial Gorrst, and Kanto Solingirt knew too little about her and too much about Magelore.

First to depart had been Riddon, Maugir, and Jeymi Slegin, with Ilisa Neffe and Tamosin Wolvar.

Taig, Lusira, and Tiron Mossen went ahead of the twenty prisoners while Collan, Pier Alvassy, and Keler Neffe walked shoulder-to-shoulder behind Cailet.

Ilisa Neffe and her husband Tamosin Wolvar came on the sixth with Biron Maurgen and Riddon and Maugir Slegin.

Sarra arrived back at the courtyard bonfire in time to see a difference of opinion between Keler Neffe and Sevat Semalson escalate into a shouting match.

Neffe, die Pflicht, die dir obliegen wird, wenn meine Verwandlung kommt.