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Neff is a surname of German (also Naf, Naef, Kneff), Swiss (also Naff, Naffe, Nafe) or Czech origin. It may refer to:

  • Charles D. Neff (1922–1991), American Mormon missionary and humanitarian
  • Christophe Neff (born 1964), German geographer
  • Donald Neff (contemporary), American journalist
  • Dorothea Neff (1903–1986), Austrian stage and film actress
  • Felix Neff (1798–1829), Swiss Protestant divine and philanthropist
  • Francine Irving Neff (1925-2010), 35th Treasurer of the United States 1974–77
  • Garrett Neff (born 1984), American fashion model
  • Henry H. Neff (born 1973), American author and illustrator
  • Jacob H. Neff (1830–1909), American politician; lieutenant governor of California 1899–1903
  • Jay H. Neff (1854–1915), American newspaper publisher; mayor of Kansas City 1904–05
  • Jean-Marie Neff (born 1961), French racewalker
  • John Neff (American football) (before 1907-1938), American college football coach
  • John Neff (investor) (born 1931), American investment manager
  • Lucas Neff (born 1985), American actor
  • Lyle Neff (born 1969), Canadian poet and journalist
  • Marcus Neff (1826–1896), American settler in Oregon; respondent in the U.S. Supreme Court case of Pennoyer v. Neff
  • Ondřej Neff (born 1945), Czech science fiction writer and journalist
  • Pat Morris Neff (1871–1952), American politician from Texas; governor of Texas 1921–25
  • Ray Neff (contemporary), American professor; proponent of alternative theories about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • Tom Neff (born 1953), American film executive, director, and producer
  • Vladimír Neff (1909–1983), Czech writer and translator
  • Wallace Neff (1895–1982), American architect
  • Wolfgang Neff (1875-1936), Czech film director

Usage examples of "neff".

Emery Neff found that appraisal, scanned it, and jumped to the logical conclusion: that McKinley was a crook, lowballing so she could buy the books for a song.

Neff had stumbled into a gold mine, because not only had the codebreakers worked on Russian codes and ciphers, but the castle contained a German Foreign Office signals intelligence archive.

Neff couldn't be that weird a name anyway, only four letters, not like Shittendookus or Horecake, there must be thousands of Neffs, if you're talking coast to coast.