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Neeve (surname)

Neeve is a Scottish & English surname. The name is of Anglo Norman origin meaning the nephew. The surname is well-known in Norfolk a county in East Anglia, England.

Usage examples of "neeve".

She insisted Neeve pick out every stitch she bought as well as choose accessories and compile lists to tell her what went with what.

She lived on the ground floor of a brownstone on West Eighty-second Street, and Neeve stopped there occasionally to help Ethel decide what clothes to keep from year to year and what to give away.

The friend, a Mexican, told Neeve about working in an illegal sweatshop in the South Bronx that was owned by Gordon Steuber.

On impulse, Neeve had invited Ethel to the annual Christmas party she and Myles gave in the apartment.

Halfway along the queue Neeve Kearny was standing next to a white-haired man whose face Denny recognized.

God, Neeve, that place is enough to drive me back to walking pit bulls.

Tse-Tse blew Neeve a kiss and started jogging down the street, a flamingo with her permed golden hair, her crazy makeup, her bright purple wooly jacket, red tights and yellow sneakers.

He had planned to spend it following Neeve Kearny, but on Sunday evening there was a call for him at the public phone in the hallway of the rooming house.

But Neeve knew she would find him in his main office on West Thirty-sixth.

He makes plenty without having to cheat illegal workers, Neeve thought as she stared coldly at him.

When she opened the door, she stepped aside and let Neeve precede her.

With a sigh of relief, Neeve dropped the armful of clothes on the couch and started to straighten up.

Four years ago when Ethel first asked Neeve to go through her closet, Neeve had told her that it was no wonder she never could put any outfits together.

On the inside of the doors, Ethel had pasted the lists Neeve had given her, which accessories to wear with which outfits.

At closing time, Neeve turned the lock on the Madison Avenue entrance to the store.