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n. 1 (plural of neep English) 2 (context chiefly Scotland English) mashed swede (turnip in Scotland), especially when served with tatties (potatoes) and haggis.

Usage examples of "neeps".

They plumped down after minimal vocal greetings to Jack, Rogi, and the CE operators and fell like wolves upon the roast lamb with rosemary-anchovy sauce, bashed neeps, and butter-drenched baked potatoes.

If you are so rash as to make an attempt upon her - if you creep up in the whale-boat and strike your harpoon home, she will bash the boat like a bowl of neeps as she sounds, maybe, and in any case she will run out your two-hundred-fathom whale-line in less than a minute - you bend on another as quick as you can - she runs it out - another, and still she runs.