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Neela may refer to:

  • Neela Aakash, 1965 Hindi movie directed by Rajendra Bhatia
  • Neela Malargal, Tamil film starring Kamal Haasan and Sridevi in the lead
  • Neela Marikkar, the Chairperson of the Grant McCann Erickson, a leading Communications Group in Sri Lanka
  • Neela Padmanabhan (born 1938), Tamil writer from Thiruvananthapuram, India
  • Neela Parbat, 1969 Pakistani Urdu film directed by Ahmad Bashir
  • Neela Ponman, 1975 Malayalam language film
  • Neela Rasgotra, fictional character portrayed by Parminder Nagra on the television show ER
  • Neela, fictional character portrayed by Robin Christopher appearing in two early episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • Neela Sari, Malayalam film directed by M.Krishnan Nair, released in 1976
  • Neela Telefilms, production house based in Mumbai, creating fiction shows for various channels
  • Raktamukhi Neela, Bengali Movie was released in 2008
  • Neela (film), 2001 Kannada film
Neela (film)

Neela is a 2001 Indian Kannada drama film directed by T. S. Nagabharana and written by Kotiganahalli Ramayya. Featuring Gayatri Jayaraman in the lead protagonist role, the film also stars Ananth Nag, Shivadhwaj, Jayanthi and Naveen Mayur in other key roles.

The film speaks about a nomadic folk singer, Neela, who belongs to the "Neelagararu" tribe. She encounters a cancer in her throat and suddenly loses her voice. The story continues highlighting her struggle to survive in the conservative society.

The film was screened at the Indian Panorama international festival and won many accolades for the content. The film also won the Third best film at the Karnataka State Awards.