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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Spreading the benefits too thinly, however, might undermine the viability of the most needy practices.
▪ The most needy include well-educated refugees who are older than 55 and have arrived here in the past decade.
▪ Yet on any measure they are the most needy.
▪ The vouchers, redeemable from public funds, were meant to alleviate social hardship among the most needy of the population.
▪ Our aim: to bring help and comfort to poor, hungry, sick and needy children throughout the world.
▪ The service is available to needy children who live in California.
▪ As well providing a chance to win a new drill you will be helping some of Britain's needy children.
▪ I no longer feel like a needy child waiting for Santa Claus to hand me something from his limited supply of goodies.
▪ Funds are urgently needed to ensure defence in the growing number of political trials and for needy families.
▪ In convulsed countries around the world, too much food donated by well-meaning people feeds murderous gunmen instead of needy families.
▪ The New York City officials were found in contempt of court for failing to find shelter quickly enough for needy families.
▪ The food went to the Wellspring Soup Kitchen in Stockport, and to needy families in the area.
▪ Take them to Boots and Help the Aged will distribute them to needy people around the world.
▪ Both sides, the benefactor and beneficiary, were equally needy.
▪ Bush has agreed to serve as co-chairman with Clinton at an April summit in Philadelphia to encourage volunteers to help the needy.
▪ It all went to needy charities, both at home and in the Third World.
▪ It is recorded that he spent his income on the needy and for pious endeavors.
▪ Spreading the benefits too thinly, however, might undermine the viability of the most needy practices.
▪ The holiday is also celebrated with small gifts for children and the distribution of meat to the needy.
▪ The numbers of needy aren't going down.
▪ We are more despondent and needy than ever!
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Needy \Need"y\, a. [Compar. Needier; superl. Neediest.]

  1. Distressed by want of the means of living; very poor; indigent; necessitous.

    Thou shalt open thy hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy in thy land.
    --Deut. xv. 11.

    Spare the blushes of needy merit.
    --Dr. T. Dwight.

  2. Necessary; requisite. [Obs.]

    Corn to make your needy bread.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 12c., neodi "poor, indigent," from need (n.) + adjectival suffix -y (2). Similar formation in Dutch noodig, German nothig, Old Norse nauðigr. As a noun from mid-14c. Related: Needily; neediness.


a. 1 In need, poor. 2 Desiring constant affirmation, lacking in self confidence

  1. adj. poor enough to need help from others [syn: destitute, impoverished, indigent, necessitous, poverty-stricken]

  2. [also: neediest, needier]


Needy may refer to:

  • Narcissistic supply, requiring constant attention and admiration from others
  • Poverty

Usage examples of "needy".

Long as Donut had known him, that was the way Mario stood: slouched, his hand in his pocket, needy eyed, always wanting something.

Such a wreck as that which then went ashore on the Hen-and-Chicken Shoals was a godsend to the poor and needy settlers in the wilderness where so few good things ever came.

He had created and organized a mobile food-collecting service, complete with uniforms, to provide the needy with nutritious food from the best restaurants in a wealthy town, an implication that Hoyt let stand.

In some needy corner of her mind, Lyssa gloried in the fact that she was able to bring him to such a tumescent state in what seemed like only a minute.

They whispered needy little words to each other, moaning and needing and wanting as they stumbled.

It hurt - as if all these years he had been no more to Orval than the once needy child of a dead best friend.

I then arranged to treat a needy family on an urgent basis, which, as events would have it, involved nothing more than a case of childhood scabies and pinkeye.

The profit he anticipated from Swade would not be used for anonymous free milk stations for needy children.

The sad and needy wives of wealthy old men who napped through the afternoon by the broad lobby fireplace with their hands crossed over their uprisen bellies and then, after a big pork dinner, retired immediately to bed.

He went for his sidearm, but Maro raised the needier and fired it on full auto, waving it back and forth.

His earlier days were passed in complete obscurity, none but the neediest spendthrift or the most desperate gambler knowing where he dwelt, and every one who found him out in his wretched abode near the Marshalsea had reason to regret his visit.

As I still had for a shirt the blouse Andrews had given me at Millen, I now considered my wardrobe complete, and left the rest of the clothes to those who were more needy than I.

Would Moren have been so needy if Hal had not siphoned off some of his gold to the cabal?

Up on the roof, amid the strapped-down merchandise for village stores upriver, the matching sets of lawn furniture, barbecue grills, inflatable toys, the bags of plastic sandals, sun hats, boxes of canned cocoa, laundry powder, and Duracell batteries, Drake had found smoking refuge in a used obstetrical chair destined for a needy highland clinic.

Then again, he had an annoying habit of keeping only the smallest measure of his spoils for himself, preferring to give whatever money he obtained to me, or to the needy.