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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Needs \Needs\, adv. [Orig. gen. of need, used as an adverb. Cf. -wards.] Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; -- often with must, and equivalent to of need.

A man must needs love mauger his head.

And he must needs go through Samari

  1. --John iv. 4.

    He would needs know the cause of his repulse.
    --Sir J. Davies.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"of necessity, necessarily," in archaic constructions involving must (late 14c.) is from Old English nede, instrumental and genitive singular of nied (see need), used as an adverb reinforcing must, hence the genitive ending.


adv. Of necessity; necessarily; indispensably; often with '''must''', and equivalent to "of need". n. (plural of need English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: need)


adv. in such a manner as could not be otherwise; "it is necessarily so"; "we must needs by objective" [syn: inevitably, necessarily, of necessity]


Usage examples of "needs".

I have not found the damsel ere ye turn back, I must needs abide in this land searching for her.

But since we must needs part hastily, this at least I bid you, that ye abide with me for to-night, and the banquet in the great pavilion.

Untouched by multiplicity, it will be wholly self-sufficing, an absolute First, whereas any not-first demands its earlier, and any non-simplex needs the simplicities within itself as the very foundations of its composite existence.

When an authorized person needs to access the network from offsite, she must first identify herself as an authorized user by typing in her secret PIN and the digits displayed on her token device.

Congress States were entitled to enact legislation adapted to the local needs of interstate and foreign commerce, that a pilotage law was of this description, and was, accordingly, constitutionally applicable until Congress acted to the contrary to vessels engaged in the coasting trade.

Hence the praemotio physica of the Thomists, and the praevenient and adjuvant grace of the theologians, without which no one can begin the Christian life, and which must needs be supernatural when the end is supernatural.

This material was another strictly non-Mesklinite product, a piece of molecular architecture vaguely analogous to zeolite in structure, which adsorbed hydrogen on the inner walls of its structural channels and, within a wide temperature range, maintained an equilibrium partial pressure with the gas which was compatible with Mesklinite metabolic needs.

I shall tell thee the boon that I would ask of thee and thy generosity has granted me, and it is that on the morrow thou wilt dub me a knight, and that this night in the chapel of thy castle I shall keep vigil over my armor, and on the morrow, as I have said, what I fervently desire will be accomplished so that I can, as I needs must do, travel the four corners of the earth in search of adventures on behalf of those in need, this being the office of chivalry and of knights errant, for I am one of them and my desire is disposed to such deeds.

Your advertising needs to address the following issues in order to be successful: 1.

Although a successor Sunni general almost certainly would not be as willing as Saddam to take risks, interpret reality to suit his needs, and pursue an expansive foreign policy based on aggression, it would still be tough to accept what would look like a Saddam clone.

They will be ever eager to, ahem, serve your needs as well as those of the princess.

The airplane gets more lift from the air traveling faster over the wing, so the pilot needs to slow the plane down and bring it to a lower altitude to maintain its path.

There were objections aplenty, I can tell you, and the debate raged on for quite a while, but in the end the needs of everyone in the Amalgamation had to come first.

Kind Heart wishes to consult with King Cyranius, or if he needs assistance, the king and his army shall be amassing outside the palace as soon as the steeds can carry us there.

They were indeed the same dark folk who had shanghaied Carter on their noisome galley so long ago, and whose kith he had seen driven in herds about the unclean wharves of that accursed lunar city, with the leaner ones toiling and the fatter ones taken away in crates for other needs of their polypous and amorphous masters.