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n. (archaic spelling of need English) vb. (archaic spelling of need English)

Usage examples of "neede".

And if so be thou wilt do me no grace, Or if my destiny be shapen so That I shall needes have one of them two, So send me him that most desireth me.

Assemble all the folk of our kindred, And make a war so sharp on this country That by some aventure, or some treaty, Thou mayst have her to lady and to wife, For whom that I must needes lose my life.

Which Artegall well hearing, though no moreBy law of armes there neede ones right to trie,As was the wont of warlike knights of yore,Then that his foe should him the field denie,Yet further right by tokens to descrie,He askt, what priuie tokens he did beare.

Her thought it swell'd so sore about her heart That needes must some word from her astart And, since she durst not tell it unto man Down to a marish fast thereby she ran, Till she came there, her heart was all afire: And, as a bittern bumbles* in the mire, *makes a humming noise She laid her mouth unto the water down "Bewray me not, thou water, with thy soun'" Quoth she, "to thee I tell it, and no mo', Mine husband hath long ass's eares two!

He has the miller's daughter in his arm: He auntred* him, and hath his needes sped, *adventured And I lie as a draff-sack in my bed.

They to him hearken, as beseemeth meete,And passe on forward: so their way does ly,That one of those same Islands, which doe fleetIn the wide sea, they needes must passen by,Which seemd so sweet and pleasant to the eye,That it would tempt a man to touchen there:Vpon the banck they sitting did espyA daintie damzell, dressing of her heare,By whom a litle skippet floting did appeare.

Ah nay Sir Knight (sayd she) it may not be,But that I needes must by all meanes fulfillThis penaunce, which enioyned is to me,Least vnto me betide a greater ill.

A Fter long stormes and tempests ouerblowne,The sunne at length his ioyous face doth cleare:So when as fortune all her spight hath showne,Some blisfull houres at last must needes appeare.

But Troilus' love had higher fruits than singing: In alle needes for the towne's werre* *war He was, and ay the first in armes dight,* *equipped, prepared And certainly, but if that bookes err, Save Hector, most y-dread* of any wight.

Much was he moued with her piteous plight,And low dismounting from his loftie steede,Gan to recomfort her all that he might,Seeking to driue away deepe rooted dreede,With hope of helpe in that her greatest neede.

Of course, compass needes said that north was south and south was north, but after a few compass makers were fired by top Holovision executives, that was sorted out.