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n. (plural of ned English)

Neds (film)

Neds is a 2010 feature film directed by Peter Mullan, with dialogue in Scottish English and Glasgow patter. The film centres on John McGill (Conor McCarron), a teenager growing up in 1970s Glasgow. John's story follows his involvement with the city's youth culture and its impact on his development as a teenager.

The title is from a derogatory term applied in Scotland to hooligans, louts or petty criminals.

Usage examples of "neds".

When the Neds saw the headlights and heard the siren, they ceased trying to rip away the gunnysack and chose to race away across the grass verge that separates Hughenden Road from the Great Western, so the patrol car could not follow them.

At least there would be no doubt about the beating the Neds had given the man.

Most of the blows from the Neds were to the back of the head and the body.

If there was something sewn into his anorak or pants or concealed in the heel of his shoe, why not let the Neds take the sack, which was what they were after?