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Usage examples of "nede".

Of Gallandus I nedes must saye he do meddyl too much in my counsailles, still desyring me do thus and thus but I will nat.

To asken help thee shameth in thyn herte, If thou noon aske, so soore artow ywoundid That verray nede unwrappeth al thy wounde hid.

The wikked nest was werker of this nede, Noght Charles Olyvver, that took ay heede Of trouthe and honour, but of Armorike Genyloun Olyver, corrupt for meede, Broghte this worthy kyng in swich a brike.

The phrase recurred less frequently than the sunsets, and dry holes predominated over gushers but she blue farely often all the same and his strike at Dry Bones, Arizona, put Mr Boscombe in his own words 'up amung the lucky ones with mor greenbacks than a man wuld nede to carpit the moon.