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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Neddy \Ned"dy\, n.; pl. Neddies. (Zo["o]l.) A pet name for a donkey.


n. 1 A donkey or ass. 2 (context Australia slang English) A horse, especially a racehorse.

Usage examples of "neddy".

I was telling Neddy about a Tangier concert whereat he introduced his cardiac arrest hoedown number.

I found Neddy and Nobby Hellroarer outside the walls of this place planting a listening bug.

She cast a proud look at Rees, whose highwayman costume set off his blond good looks, and then at Neddy, whose white harlequin costume with the black diamonds perfectly reflected his amusing nature.

Rees caught her look and clasped her arm in his, while Neddy jammed his Napoleon hat on his head, then muttered some nonsense in her ear that made her laugh.

While Rees remained naught but a brother to her in manner, Neddy sometimes made her wonder.

As you say, Neddy and I have been her constant companions, and never has she mentioned anyone, or spent time with anyone other than ourselves.

I saw, but I woke up in the backseat of the car and saw Shot kiss Neddy Nelson on the lips.

Me and Echo Lawrence, with Neddy in the backseat of that Cadillac Eldorado of his.

I do not think Neddy suffered, however, though we went back at a pace marvellously different from that at which we came.

We were very light weights, and Master Neddy was an overfed, underworked gentleman, with the acutest discrimination as to his drivers.

Jack and me, and Neddy and the carriage, with the hat-box on the driving seat.

It was only at such gatherings as these that Neddy ever experienced the full enjoyments of life, for he was a homeless wanderer from place to place.

Robin Davies was mate, and had had a good rest and a feast of music, for Robin was a genius, and played his fiddle with wonderful taste and skill, and Neddy, though wanting in many things, was behind no one in his love for and appreciation of music.

And Neddy sang again the song of the red-cheeked little prince, who slept in his golden cradle, a red-cheeked apple in his hand.

It was but a simple nursery rhyme, but Neddy put his soul into it, for he was but a child himself in spite of his tall stature and grizzled locks.