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Usage examples of "necht".

Muman became High King, the men of Laigin contrived to assassinate him so that Nuada Necht of Laigin could assume the kingship.

Sister Necht, She is one of our young novices and serves the wants of all our guests.

Sister Necht, can you find me the physician, was Brother Tola his name?

Sister Necht had reluctantly left, Fidelma turned back to the steward.

Cass began to follow as Sister Necht led the way towards the chambers of the abbot.

Fidelma was turning away when she realized someone else was staring, but this time the object of scrutiny was Sister Necht herself and the examiner was the pudgy-featured Brother Rumann.

Sister Necht, who came to inform Brother Tola only after he had left the abbey.

Angelus was sounding and Sister Necht muttered an excuse and hurried off.

She raised her head and found young Sister Necht standing a little way off, regarding her with a solemn face.

For a moment or so, Fidelma stood watching her ungainly carriage as Necht made her way into the darkness of the abbey corridors.