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An hour after I was hot foot down the river with an outfit of thirty neches, armed with an arsenal of weapons.

Why are these Bell River neches always shooting up their neighbors, and any one else?

I mean finding the neches out on a trail of murder instead of lying around their teepees.

Then there were two neches squatting on the bank crouching over a small fire smoking their red clay pipes in silent contemplation.

He knew the Bell River neches, whom he hated so cordially in common with all others of his race, were to be outwitted, defeated.

Behind it a hundred yards or so lay the willow-shaded banks of the Neches River.

She simply thought she was stealing a beau from some other girl, and he never dreamt he was dallying with Neches River royalty.

JENNIFER RED CLOUD christened the iceberg Alamo with a bottle of the mixed waters of the Pecos, Rio Grande, Colorado, Brazos, Neches, Nueces, Trinity, and Guadalupe, the principal rivers of the Republic of Texas, which during the drought, now in its fifth year, had dwindled to little more than muddy rivulets.

They had crossed the Neches River, the Cherokee-Anderson county line, without any untoward incident or any casualties, the Neches being no formidable stream, and all of them by now having had some experience.