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Nebulon (comics)

Nebulon is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.


Nebulon may refer to:

  • Nebulos, a planet in the fictional Transformers universes sometimes known as Nebulon
  • Nebulon (comics), a fictional character in the Marvel Universe

Usage examples of "nebulon".

Around it orbitted three Mon Calamari cruisers, four Nebulon B frigates, and a number of smaller craft.

One star destroyer was attacking his three Calamarian cruisers and four Nebulon frigates, and was crushing them.

Luke looked up quickly to the space viewer, seeing a destroyer, and shortly behind it three Nebulon B Frigates.

The Nebulon torch fired not three steps from Seneca, a great streak of burning plasma that roared with evil life.

The berserker base, trying to fight off a Nebulon invasion, could not simultaneously cope very well with the superior firepower of the ship.

These devices no doubt had served to create the prison walls and bars within which the Nebulon had been confined for study and experimentation.

Branwen had expected that the former prisoner and the original Nebulon rescue party would be long gone by now.

Kirsty Fantozi, the star demolition engineer, started programming the nebulon missile.

Whatever fears the Nebulons had of approaching the berserker installation, they had managed to put aside in the hope of achieving a victory.

But it had succeeded in disrupting those barriers, so they were no longer able to hold the onrushing Nebulons at bay.

Iskander muttered, waving an arm toward the Nebulons, struggling to be funny.

Now they could hear Benkovic, back on the ship, still wondering aloud if the Nebulons were somehow responsible for the arrival of Leviathan.

Carmpan reported that the Nebulons were now ready to make another effort at attacking.

If Domingo and the beings with him inside the weighty metal could help the Nebulons eliminate this extremely objectionable thing, whatever it was, Speaker and those with her would be eternally grateful.

Domingo, with the help of Fourth Adventurer, made plans with the Nebulons as best he could.