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Nebet (“Lady”) was created vizier during the late Old Kingdom of Egypt by Pharaoh Pepi I of the Sixth dynasty, her son-in-law. She is the first recorded female vizier in Ancient Egyptian history; the next one was in the 26th Dynasty.

She was the wife of the nobleman Khui.

Her daughters the Queens Ankhesenpepi I and Ankhesenpepi II were respectively the mothers of the Pharaohs Merenre Nemtyemsaf and Pepi II.

Her son Djau born in, and had a tomb in Abydos, became vizier for his nephews. She is mentioned in his tomb.

Vizier Nebet was a contemporary of Weni the Elder.

Nebet (queen)

Nebet was an Egyptian Queen, the wife of King Unas. She lived during the time of the Fifth dynasty of Egypt. She was the mother of the Crown Prince Unas-ankh.