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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

by 1968, American English teenager slang variant of neat (adj.) in its slang sense.


interj. (context colloquial slang English) neat (in the sense of being excellent or desirable).


Neato may refer to:

  • Neato (spider), a genus of spider family Gallieniellidae
  • The neato command line tool, part of the Graphviz software package
  • Neato Robotics, manufacturer of robotic vacuum cleaners

Usage examples of "neato".

I have to do some kind of neato trick to prove it, or would you just take my word for it?

He sees this neato community of these punk-vampire wannabes, and he wants to be part of that.

Daddy write the neato story about the two-headed mommy with the two-headed baby?

For while a good Angeleno would have found a straight and increasingly empty freeway through a neato landscape an exemplary invitation, to Amanda the pilgrim it seemed that the engineers who had built it had conceded little more to the mighty Sierras, as their roadway rose up into them than the Romans punching their tunnels by brute force through the Alps.