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near infrared

n. (context physics English) infrared light closest in wavelength to visible light, from .7 - 1.4 µm.

Usage examples of "near infrared".

It's also likely that the surface can be viewed in the near infrared.

In the near infrared, at wavelengths longer than the human eye is sensitive to, the surface could, however, be seen from above.

Strangest of all, the big eyes were most sensitive in the near infrared-but another added note pointed out that this wavelength region is cut out almost completely underwater.

Lidar can be used for fire control, weapon guidance, foliage penetration (vegetation is translucent in the near infrared (NIR) regime), and target imaging/recognition.

The rows of identical doors with numbers on them, the indifferent paintings on the walls (some of them all the more indifferent to his eyes because the Race saw two colors in what was the near infrared to him)—.

No creature uses more than a tiny sliver of the electromagnetic spectrum, mostly the visible and the near infrared, where our mammalian bodies radiate.

This time, a slim thread of breath swirls in the near infrared, from the victim's soot-stained but still splendid face.