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On the other hand, Neane, she’s our head researcher, she’ll be at the meeting—she came across a rather obscure field report on the Drang, in a science survey file dated a century or so ago, that suggested their behavior might reflect some kind of religious conviction.

Dez could feel Aris’s sudden interest, and Brad’s whisper to the smiling Neane was clearly not about the meeting.

As Brad, Neane, and Aris filed into the conference room, he and Jake started after them—and thinking about what would come next, Dez found himself hit with a particular kind of excitement he’d first known at Jake’s age, a thrill that he’d spent most of his adult life working to recreate…he could still remember that time so clearly, leaving home to meet new people, to see new places, adventure, romance, intrigue…danger.

The mission team was off in one of the web rooms, looking over a visual identification register that Neane had come up with—holos of the more valuable items they might happen across while looking for the Yaron Oracle.

Dez, Jake, Neane, and Brad were also there, though of the four, only Dez gambled, and he already knew better than to bet with her.

She already thought she knew who was responsible, but Neane would know more of the possibilities.

There was Dez’s self-directed anger, Neane and then Pri’ak’s quiet prayers to different deities, Feg and Triv’s uncomfortable formality.

Facity wants to brush up on dom-jot before Ee, and I told her I’d be free this afternoon…plus Pif and Pri’ak were talking over breakfast about getting a ball game together later, and Neane was going to set aside some files for me to read, about the Rodulan basotiles….

When they returned, they’d send Neane, Srral, Prees, and Glessin down to the surface, leaving just the two of them on board.

Besides the captain and first officer there were Jake, Pifko, Brad-ahk’la, Glessin, Neane, and Coamis, each of them wearing equipment belts.

At the alarm in his voice, Neane and Glessin, who’d been sitting together a half-dozen meters away, stood up and came to join them.