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Neame is a surname which may refer to:

  • Basil Neame (1921–2010), English fruit grower
  • Christopher Neame (born 1947), English actor
  • Christopher Neame (writer/producer) (1942–2011), British film producer and screenwriter
  • Douglas Neame (1901–1988), English hurdler
  • Gareth Neame (born 1967), British television producer and executive
  • Ivo Neame (born 1981), British jazz pianist and saxophonist
  • Philip Neame (1888–1978), British Army lieutenant general and recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Rex Neame (1936–2008), English cricketer
  • Ronald Neame (1911–2010), English film cinematographer, producer, screenwriter and director
  • Stuart Neame, rugby union international who represented England from 1879 to 1880

Usage examples of "neame".

The cynical, contemptuous Brian Neame had caught the malady of the times: patriotism, for him, was archaic.

Trevellion said in an aside to Neame who was standing at the chart table.

Grimsholm lighthouse, Neame set his mean line of advance towards the rendezvous.

Ee hadden no proper neame like, not like you may remember, but ee wor a gennelman, that ee wor, an fed un out a porcelain.

A proper fine neame it wor, but us never could lay tongue to it by nary means.

Mrs Neame, who stopped her and talked to her with conscious benevolence, while Joyce struggled to avoid answering the all too searching questions.

Besides, Mrs Neame and the other friends and acquaintances of the family, if they did happen to meet her in the villages or on the roads near by, stopped as usual to have a few words with her.

Burnett and Neame, the stock and station agents, to whom Alec had in the meantime written fully.

General Neame had been ordered, if pressed, to fight a delaying action back to near Benghazi, and to cover that port as long as possible.

Losses not serious at present, but the mechanical condition of the armoured brigade is causing Neame much concern, and there seem to be many breakdowns.

That officer, who was not well at the moment, had represented to the Commander-in-Chief that it would be better if he did not actually take over command from Neame in the middle of the battle, but that he should be at hand to help him with his expert local knowledge.

David Lean, Ronald Neame, Anthony Havelock-Allan, Cecil McGivern, Kay Walsh, from the novel by Charles Dickens - Dir.

The next human oddity was more well received by the marks than any other: Miss Gloria Neames, the 750-pound woman, who was supposed to be the fattest fat lady on earth.

However, I knew the harassment of Gloria Neames was only the first shot of the war.

I hid in the trailer belonging to Gloria Neames, the fat lady, Who was as kind as anyone I have ever known.