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Neale (surname)

Neale is a surname, and may refer to

  • Bill Neale, Canadian figure skater
  • Charles Neale (1751-1823), American Jesuit
  • Charles Neale, English footballer
  • Cornelius Neale, English clergyman
  • Douglas Neale, Scottish electric car maker (1895)
  • Duncan Neale (born 1939), English footballer
  • Earle "Greasy" Neale, American football coach
  • Edgar Neale, New Zealand politician
  • Edmund Neale, Poet
  • Edward St. John Neale, Lieutenant-Colonel and British representative in Japan (1862-1863)
  • Edward Vansittart Neale, British Christian Socialist
  • Eric Neale, British car designer
  • Francis Neale, Irish Jesuit
  • Geoff Neale, United States Libertarian Party President
  • Gerry Neale (1941–2015), British politician
  • Greasy Neale, American football and baseball player and coach
  • Harry Neale, Canadian broadcaster
  • Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, 2nd Baronet, British navy officer and politician
  • Haydain Neale, Canadian singer
  • J Neale, Hampshire cricketer
  • Jack Neale, English footballer
  • James Neale (1615–1684), English migrant to Maryland
  • Joe Neale, American baseball player
  • John Neale (born 1926), English Bishop of Ramsbury
  • John Neale, British politician
  • John Ernest Neale, British historian
  • John Mason Neale, British theologian and writer
  • John Preston Neale, English architectural draughtsman
  • Julia Neale, mother of Stonewall Jackson
  • Keith Neale, English footballer
  • Kevin Neale, Australian rules footballer
  • Leonard Neale, American bishop
  • Liam Neale, English rugby union player
  • Mark Neale, British documentary and film director
  • Nathaniel Neale, New Zealand Rugby League player
  • Orville Neale, Virginia Tech football coach
  • Paddy Neale, Canadian politician
  • Peter Neale, English footballer
  • Phil Neale, English cricketer
  • Raphael Neale, American politician
  • Robbie Neale, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Robert Neale, American pilot
  • Robert E. Neale, American paper folder
  • Stan Neale, Australian rules footballer
  • Stephen Neale, American philosopher
  • Thomas Neale (1641–1699), British founder of the North American Postal Service
  • Tim Neale, British musician in the band Pythia
  • Tom Neale, New Zealand lone occupant of Suwarrow
  • Walter Neale (c1600–1639), British explorer and Colonial administrator
  • William Neale (1904–1955), English cricketer

Neale may refer to:

  • Neale (surname)
  • Neale, County Mayo
  • Neale (electric car)
Neale (electric car)

The Neale electric car was made in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1897 by Douglas Neale of 21 Rutland Square, Edinburgh.. The car was described as electrically driven, with a range of speed from 3 to 12 miles per hour. Only a limited number, possibly four, of these vehicles were made and none survive. The car was displayed at the 1897 Motor Car Exhibition at Crystal Palace.

Douglas Neale was an electrical engineer and inventor.

Neale (England cricketer)

Neale (full name and dates of birth and death unknown) was an English cricketer. Neale's batting style is unknown.

Neale made a single first-class appearance for England against Hampshire in 1842 at Day's Ground, Southampton. In a match which England won by an innings and 5 runs, Neale batted once, scoring 15 unbeaten runs in England's first-innings, with his score the highest individual score during the innings.