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Behind him was a neady appointed living room, home-shopping show on a big screen hawking a pearl necklace with matching earrings, only 234 left.

The box itself was emerald green, but it was secured by a cross of black ribbon neady knotted in a bow.

The long blond locks that had straggled haphazardly over his shoulder had been neady, even severely, trimmed and parted with millimetric precision just to the centre left.

Agnelli had inspected the neady stacked and, in the case of the missiles and launchers, highly gleaming contents of the truck and was now actually rubbmg his hands together.

Sweat-stained alligator shirt thrown over his shoulder, he started down the neady raked gravel driveway of the Plantation Inn.

From the waist up, he was all buttoned down: starched white shirt, neady knotted tie, nicely cut jacket.

Kieran stepped neady in front of her, giving her just enough time to stop before she collided with him.

Suzanna said, picking up a small shirt and folding it neady, adding it to the pile.

England with any expectation of arriving anywhere at all, for the surfaces of even the main roads were neady divided between axle-breaking stones and horse-crippling mud, rendering anything more than the passage of a rider on horseback a matter extremely problematical.

Then he touched his wig lightly, as though to settle it in place, and turned back to his work, picking up the scattered sketches on the table and tapping them neady into a stack.

He filled out one form, then tore it neady in two and wrote the same thing on a fresh one, just to practice his penmanship.

His neady shaven face was adorned with black horn-rimmed glasses of a supernatural size.

She neady stacked die pages, wrapped them in paper, tied them with a ribbon.

She had encountered it so many times that I had been neady buried inside of it.