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NEA or nea may refer to:

Usage examples of "nea".

Scattered among the greenery were small stat4es, both Chinese and European, and a fountain sang gently nea,6y.

The fence of Nea Limani Yacht Basin diminished in the distance between the guide towers.

Barefoot, a rope around pants torn off at the knees, Dan was a lot more typical of the studs that hung around the heated walkways of Nea Limani.

He caught his reflection in one of the mirrored columns, and he stopped just before the turnoff to Nea Limani.

When I was five, one of the children who lived nea me had a birthday party with a hired pony.

When Bennett criticized the National Education Association as an obstacle to accountability, I said I thought the NEA was doing better on that score and reminded him that Al Shanker, leader of the other big teachers union, the American Federation of Teachers, supported both accountability and values education.

Is an unseemly enthusiasm for the NEAs elimination the defining characteristic?

Because it's likely you have been seduced by the NEA into believing throwing more money at our failed school system is the best way to fix things.

Accordingly, once ashore, we moved quickly through the lower, busy sea town and up the hill into a quieter quarter, known as Nea Paphos, where, scattered in amongst the large new estates of wealthy planters and merchants, the ruins of ancient fortresses and the crumbling palaces of long-dead kings could still be seen among the gnarled olive trees and thorn thickets on the hillside.