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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Ne'er \Ne'er\ (n[=a]r or n[^a]r), adv. a contraction of Never.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1200, contraction of never.


adv. (context poetic English) Contraction of '''never'''.


adv. not ever; at no time in the past or future; "I have never been to China"; "I shall never forget this day"; "had never seen a circus"; "never on Sunday"; "I will never marry you!" [syn: never] [ant: always]

Usage examples of "ne'er".

Ne'er took a wife, myself', for the only one wha' wad hae suited me had been langsyne acquent wi' Hawkeye by the time I met her.

The groggy Soul Mate groping for its Twin, The burgling free verse Blear, the Hobo Pote, Clairvoyant, Cubist bug and Burlapped Greek, Souse Socialists and queens with bright green hair, Ginks leading barbered Art Dogs trimmed and Sleek, The Greenwich Stable Dwellers, Mule and Mare, Pal Anarchs, tamed and wrapped in evening duds, Philosophers who go wherever suds Flow free, musicians hunting after eats, And sandaled dames who hang from either ear Strange lumps -- "art jools" -- the size of pickled beets, Writers that write not, hunting Atmosphere, Painters and sculptors that ne'er paint nor sculp, Reformers taking notes on Brainstorm Slum, Cave Men in Windsor Ties, all gauche and glum, With strong iron jaws that crush their food to Pulp, And bright Boy Cynics playing paradox, And th' inevitable She that knitteth Belgian socks -- A score of little groups !

So were we now shut up in Owlswick and close besieged by Spitfire and his army, who but for the devilish folly of Corsus, had ne'er made head against us.

When Phoebus doth his brighte beames spread Right in the white Bull, so it betid* *happened As I shall sing, on Maye's day the thrid, That Pandarus, for all his wise speech, Felt eke his part of Love's shottes keen, That, could he ne'er so well of Love preach, It made yet his hue all day full green.

Now that's information that Everett himself couldnae give you because he ne'er saw the man.

Now, in God His name I chide aloud the little interspace Disparting me from Certitude, and fain Would know the dream and vision ne'er again.

When thou didst tell me what I somehow hall ne'er fathomed before, and sought my support.

Take him for all in all, we ne'er shall - in short, make the acquaintance, probably, of anybody else possessing, at his time of life, the same legs for gaiters, and able to read the same description of print, without spectacles.

And the Cassidy--Craddock rome and reme round e'er a wiege ne'er a waage is still immer and immor awagering over it,a cradle with a care in it or a casket with a kick behind.

By sich calculation as meself can make, an' as me memory serve me, oor time be about six hours ahead o' theirn, so the lab ne'er will iver be missed.

By sich calculation as meself can make, an' as me memory serve me, oor time be about six hours ahead of theirn, so the lab ne'er will iver be missed.

There are reasons certain tomes have ne'er been made available to the world.