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Sean shrugged, and the little Ndorobo spat in the dust, and shook his head mournfully as he stood up.

As Sean stood up and reached for his pants, the little Ndorobo piped at the entrance, "I am ready, Bwana.

He was shaking his head and muttering in that obscure Ndorobo dialect that even Sean could not understand.

The four of them moved in single file with the Ndorobo tracker on the point, following the spoor in the forest earth that beneath the litter of 'fallen bamboo leaves was the colour and consistency of molten chocolate.

Sean squeezed his shoulder and little Ndorobo wriggled his whole body with pleasure.

Sean could feel the little Ndorobo trembling with eagerness where their bodies touched.

The little Ndorobo made a quick circuit of the encampment to check for out-going spoor, and then came back grinning.

They drank the wine and laughed in the morning sunlight, and shook hands and discussed the new venture until the gunbearer brought the hunting car around with the rifles in the racks and Matatu, the Ndorobo tracker, perched up on the back and grinning like a monkey.

In a few quick words of Swahili he explained the predicament, and the little Ndorobo looked at Lana reproachfully.

Sean called quietly, holding her to his chest, and the little Ndorobo reappeared at his side like a genie.

The little Ndorobo answered at length, obviously enjoying the attention.

He spoke first to Matatu, and the little Ndorobo tracker shook his head gloomily.