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Ndiyo is a project based out of Cambridge, United Kingdom, which aims to promote networked computing that is "simple, affordable, open." Ndiyo, pronounced nn-dee-yo, is the Swahili word for "yes" according to the project's website. It is developing an ultra-thin client called nivo (network in, video out) based on Ubuntu Linux and other open-source software for use especially in third world countries. The data sent to the clients over the network is pixel data, using the same approach as Virtual Network Computing (VNC). The project is a non-profit project.

The project works on the basis of multiple workstations running from a single unit. Quentin Stafford-Fraser, founder of the organisation, told The Economist "We can make computing more affordable by sharing it". The system allows a basic PC running linux to be shared by many users.

Ndiyo nivo is similar in concept to Sun Microsystems' Sun Ray virtual display thin client.