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NDE (disambiguation)

An NDE is a near-death experience, the perception reported by a person who nearly died or who was clinically dead and revived.

NDE or Ndé may also refer to:

  • Ndé, a department in Cameroon
  • Narrative Design Explorer, a e-publication dedicated to interactive narrative design
  • Netter Digital Entertainment, a company created by Douglas Netter
  • Neustadt-Dürkheimer Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, an early German railway company
  • Nevada Desert Experience, a movement and an organization dedicated to deep ecology, appreciating the desert, and stopping the spread of nuclearism
  • Nondestructive Examination or non-destructive testing, testing that does not destroy the test object
  • Mandera Airport's IATA code

NDE is one of the 58 divisions found in Cameroon. It is located in the western region of the Country, about 50km from Douala the economic capital and about 265 km from Yaoundé the political capital. Its estimated population is 200,000. There are two meanings that are attached to the acronym NDE. The first and most popular is Nobility, Dignity, Elegance. The second meaning is New, Deal, Economy. Bangangte has been the headquarter of the NDE division since June 14, 1961. Medumba is the most common language spoken in this region. Its kingdoms include; Bangangte, Bangoulap, Balengou, Bazou, Bakong, Bamena, Tonga (Badounga), Bahouoc, Bangang-Fokam, Bawock, Bangoua, Batchingou, Bamaha and Bagnoun. The main Religious belief is Christianity, with the two main denominations being Catholics and Protestant. Its climate ranges between 14- 22 Celsius at night and between 24-30 Celsius.