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conj. (context Internet slang English) and


ND may refer to:

Usage examples of "nd".

I wck ofIexpensr nearline ded a largehing school ancur feey childr the ddrano shithe lettemant le dmahogtchebors so the West unthick yomy broten ye cond mainlithat w largemet, pund mainlinsed over d the apI Passover rhe bonds ans, igone to he street to Jul a n He sas ovehey ree locar re shyemainther an grass un, Wh re nds anaid c summeged ber haeled, nd yhen t hat ed for the nite,reesas oved meand I pne to h We ells Onchocola t.

But this change only happened when the old initial combinations mb-, nd-, ñg occurred at the beginning of words!

Someday, Crile, automated NDs will be sent through hyperspace to all sorts of places to detect plexons.

Prince Elsen of Grib was nding south with troops in answer to Torien’s call for aid.

On sir nding strip, kerchiefed peasant women were mowing hay in the sunshine.