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NCR may refer to:

  • NCR Corporation, business technology company, previously National Cash Register
  • "No carbon required" carbonless copy paper
  • Napier City Rovers, a New Zealand association football club
  • A Nature Conservation Review, listing of British nature conservation sites
  • Naval Construction Regiment, unit of US Navy Seabees
  • Navin Ramgoolam, prime minister of Mauritius
  • New California Republic, fictional government in game franchise Fallout
  • Not criminally responsible, insanity defense
  • Numeric character reference, mechanism for specifying Unicode characters
  • No Country Redirect, a method offered by Google to disable automatic redirection to country-specific sites, by appending NCR to Google's URL (e.g.
  • C or C, mathematics operation a.k.a. "from n choose r" or " combinations of n things, taken r at a time"
  • Nugget Casino Resort, a hotel and casino located in Sparks, Nevada