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NCL may refer to:

  • Norwegian Cruise Line, a cruise ship company
  • National Conference League, a rugby league competition played in the UK
  • National Consumers League, formed in the 1890s for women's suffrage, protection of female and child laborers, eliminations of health hazards
  • New Caledonia, a small French country
  • A wide group of diseases known as neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis
  • Newcastle University
  • The IATA airport code for Newcastle International Airport, UK
  • The National Rail station code of Newcastle Central railway station, UK
  • Nintendo Company Limited, a major Japanese video game company
  • The National Chemical Laboratory of Pune, India
  • The Nested Context Language
  • The NCAR Command Language
  • The North Coast League, a high school athletic conference in Ohio
  • North Coast railway line, Queensland - The main railway line between Brisbane and Cairns
  • North Coast railway line, New South Wales - The main railway line between Sydney and the Queensland border
  • National City Lines, part of the Great American Streetcar Scandal
  • Northern City Line, a mostly underground railway line in London running between Moorgate and Finsbury Park
  • Nucleolin, a protein
  • Native chemical ligation, a chemical way to synthesize proteins
  • NULL convention logic, a form of asynchronous logic