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NBP can stand for:

  • Name Binding Protocol
  • Narodowy Bank Polski ( National Bank of Poland)
  • National Balancing Point (UK)
  • National Bank of Pakistan
  • National Bolshevik Party
  • National broadband plan
  • Neutral body posture
  • NBP NicerBooks! Publishing, an imprint of VDM Publishing
  • Network Bootstrap Program
  • New Bilibid Prison
  • New Black Panthers
  • Northern Black Polished Ware
  • Normal blood pressure
  • Normal boiling point
  • NVIDIA Business Platform
  • Namco Bandai Partners
  • Nathaniel B. Palmer (icebreaker)
  • File extension of Mathematica
  • Nobilis Patricius Bruxellensis: a descendant of the Seven noble houses of Brussels with a title of nobility.
  • Nonparametric belief propagation